Rosalie Kuntz

(L to R): Dorothy Gibbons, Dr. Dixie Melillo and Rosalie Kuntz

This week we said goodbye to one of our first board members: Rosalie Kuntz. 

She was a woman of many talents, opened doors for women in business and achieved many ‘firsts,’ including being the first female insurance representative to also be elected as President of the Texas Association of Life Underwriters. She was a trailblazer, a glass ceiling breaker and dedicated to her family and church.  

If ever I had a mentor, it was Rosalie.  Back in 1985 when The Rose was just an idea in our minds, Rosalie was the ‘go to’ woman in Pasadena, a legend, a true icon.  I’ll never forget the first time I saw her. She was walking into the hospital, side by side, with the ‘big boys’ and about to make a presentation to the Board. She flashed that dazzling smile, the hint of white peeked through her front bangs, and her business suit was gorgeous.  “That’s someone you need to know.”  A colleague said to me.  And she was. 

Rosalie was part of every Chamber, at every major Civic event. If it mattered in Pasadena then she was there. 

I marveled at how she got so much done and asked her what was her ‘secret’ to being at so many events or on so many committees. 

Her response was simple: “If you want to get things done in this world, then put it on your calendar.  No matter what it is--a meeting, a Grand Opening ribbon cutting, a call to a client-- if it’s on my calendar, I’ll get to it one way or the other.”  And from then on, I put “it” on my calendar. 

Today it drives my executive assistant, Kelley, crazy when she’s trying to juggle an overbooked calendar, but that advice is as good then as it is now.

Rosalie helped guide us through our first fundraising event, The Bachelors of Distinction Auction, mopped the floors as we prepared for opening our first center and was always around for check presentations.  She was a hero in the best and deepest sense.  A woman of high ideals, and deep commitments.  Her generosity and care beyond amazing.

She was a woman who always made time for me and The Rose…and she made sure we were ‘on her calendar.’  

 You’ll always be part of The Rose and in my heart, Rosalie.