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Daily Tales: A Trilogy of the adventures of Elizabeth and her fearless companions: Faeries April, Siris and Rose, an Elf named Edmund, the Old Man and characters of every sort.

  • Book One: The Tree of Secrets

Eight year old Elizabeth cajoles reluctant friend, Marc and his dad, Mr. Dodson, to help her save the meadow in small town USA. With recruits from the Elemental World they go up against angry and vengeful land developer, Louis Karroll and his crew who are midway in their destruction of land stolen through shenanigans and deceit.

A cranky Granny, the town matriarch and the Old Man, seen only by Elizabeth, join in but no amount of reason or other worldly means is able to stop Karroll. April, leader of the faeries and Elizabeth’s companion, sends for Edmund, who brings his own legion of tricksters for the final battle. They lose. Karroll’s main weapon, a huge Feller Buncher, continues to rip apart one tree after another, littering the earth with their shattered limbs.

The Tree of Secrets is next to be destroyed. During Elizabeth’s final act of defiance, she is plummeted head first to the ground from the tree she tries to save.

A gnarled knoll in the tree holds the secrets from the past which if released could return harmony to the town and save the Meadow.

  • Book Two: The Last Clear Drop of Water

Abandoned by her father, Elizabeth and her ailing Mother are forced to move to Druryville, a town engulfed with pollution so thick and stinky children no longer play outside. Elizabeth no longer has access to April, because a faerie must stay in its own land. The little girl is alone and lost in worry trying to care for her mother who grows weaker every day.

On the way to the pharmacy, Elizabeth took a short cut around the river’s edge and stumbles into a trap of angry elves determined to knock her out and watch her drown. From nowhere, Rose appears and deflects a deadly torpedo with her own body. Elizabeth lifts the lifeless faerie from the murky water when Wendy, the crazy woman who lives by the well, arrives. They journey to a place only known to a few where the water is still clear. Wendy begins her instruction, moving Elizabeth to a place of knowing and putting her in danger. Smart-mouth and snarly, a revived Rose rebuffs all human beings especially Elizabeth and also the one child she’s been assigned to care for: Agnes, a dirt covered little girl with matted hair who has no smell and who Elizabeth unwittingly befriended.

When her mother collapses and death enters their tiny house, Elizabeth, convinced the clear water is the remedy, heads out to collect and bring it back. Afraid of Wendy’s craziness, the townsfolks put a stop to Elizabeth’s plans, imprisoning her and set off to destroy the well. Wendy’s grief stricken brother, carrying his son tiny body who suffers from the same malady as Elizabeth’s mother, leads the attack against his sister. Unwilling to believe the water can heal, he is determined to discredit Wendy even if it costs the live of the one he most loves.  The town is toxic because the rivers have been polluted by years of run off waste generated by the huge poultry farm and its millions of chickens owned by the brother.

Edmund has an itch and once again the Elementals are roused into action. A chance meeting between Mr. Dodson and Wendy brings a surprising solution.

  • Book Three: The Measure of Breath

Elizabeth life undergoes another change with the entrance of a distant relative comes to oversee her care. Elizabeth is smitten by cousin Jessica, who has a style and an infectious joy for life and love. Unfortunately, it is a sentiment not shared by Jessica who is annoyed at the interruption from her travels abroad. While assuring Elizabeth that the little girl will accompany her on her upcoming trip to India, Jessica makes plans to put Elizabeth in a boarding school.  She knows that her trip will be impossible with a child and she has no intention of cramping her own free lifestyle.  As Jessica finalizes school enrollment, Elizabeth chances to overhear the plans for her departure.

Elizabeth’s hopes for a new life are shattered; she has lost all she ever knew and loved and her only option is to run away. Her destination is unclear but she sets off on a journey that is plagued by mean spirited people, dirty surroundings. Her elemental companions are no longer around; she aches from missing April, her faerie friend and even the Old Man has gone away. Days turn into weeks as she grovels for food and searches for safe shelter. Events of one long night threaten her sanity and life. 

An impossible intervention happens that bring the Cousin and her charge back together and their journey to India begins. There Elizabeth discovers a whole new world of faeries and sprites and learns the lessons of breath.  

GMILY (Adult Fiction/Romance)

Defying the naysayers and life experiences, this book is about a 50 year old woman finding her Beloved and discovering the person she was meant to be.   Two decades of an on again off again marriage, left her exhausted and ill prepared for single life.   Discouraged by friends whose sport was male bashing and the debate with her own inner critic easily convinced her that she was too old, too successful, too much of a feminist to ever be married again. Yet in the depth of her being she yearned, every fiber of her being yearned and somewhere in her essence emerged a belief that even after 50, there was a chance to fall in love and to be loved.

She muddles through life seesawing between what she knows is reality and what she hopes to be her future and stumbles upon ways to evoke the Beloved' through rituals. When she manifests him into her life, all heck breaks out and their adventures are wild, erotic and sweet, the kind of experiences normally reserved for the young and so much more treasured because they are devoured and totally enjoyed by the old.

Published works:

  How we lost the Family Maid-Me McCall's 1976

  How we lost the Family Maid-Me McCall's 1976

How we lost the Family Maid-Me McCall's 1976
Autobiographical essay

Two Sides of the Same Path Change Magazine, Journal Christ Church, 2006
A commentary on the impact of Mary Magdalene on modern women and how presenting her as a teacher, companion to Jesus, and leader would have reshaped the world of today.

Numerous articles related to breast cancer and healthcare disparities
Of interest: Organizer of the Many Faces of Mary Magdalene, a first time national offering and juried Art Exhibit where artists are invited to "Re-Image" Mary Magdalene. Sponsored by Brigid's Place, Houston, Texas, July 2015.